How To Replace iPhone 5 / 5s / SE Screen [DIY Guide]

Dropping a smartphone or tablet and watching in agony as it hurtles toward the unforgiving concrete really is the stuff of nightmares. That wait as you reach down and pick the hardware up, flip it over and see if the display has been obliterated into tiny shards genuinely feels like a lifetime as you contemplate just how much it’s going to cost to replace. If it has suffered damage, but the touch sensors still work, do you just persevere with it and use it regardless? Or do you like nice new shiny things, and therefore absorb the cost of a screen replacement? Well, if you have an iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, or an iPhone SE, you may just be able to do a quick DIY job on the display yourself which costs lesser than a repair job at Apple Store.

Most of us value our prized iPhone so much that the idea of manually replacing a display is actually terrifying. Not only will it instantly void any warranty that the hardware may have with Apple, but the general thought process is that if you don’t have the necessary technical expertise then it could all go horrendously wrong and leave you with a device that’s entirely unusable. In that instance, you’d need to seek professional help anyway. But of course, there’s always the appeal of not having to part with any unnecessary cash to have it fixed, as well as the sense of achievement that comes with taking ownership of a problem and resolving it yourself.


We have two videos here that show users how to change an iPhone 5 screen in just 3 minutes, or 11 minutes if you’re dealing with a more complex iPhone 5s. There’s no specific iPhone SE video, but the process should be largely identical giving it’s essentially an iPhone 5s shell. This will of course require the ownership of a certain tool set (all links are given below) that is designed to get access to the fiddly little iPhone screws that hold the Apple device together. You’ll also need a little bit of patience and an obvious display assembly to actually replace the broken display with.

The videos actually make the whole process of replacing the iPhone display seem relatively straight forward and problem free, and in all honesty, if you are the type of person who instantly rises to the challenge of intricate DIY-based tasks, then it should really be a breeze for you.


Check out the embedded videos and follow the instructions as shown.

iPhone 5 screen replacement

iPhone 5s screen replacement. Applies to iPhone SE as well.

(Source: JerryRigEverything [YouTube])

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