Windows Phone 7 Update Bricked Your Windows Phone? Here’s How to Fix It [Guide]

When Microsoft pushed out its pre-update, err, update they didn’t expect any issues. Granted it was the first update to the fledgling mobile OS but what could possibly go wrong? Turns out, quite a bit. Reports of users having their handsets ‘bricked’ during the update are rife across the web, with Samsung’s hardware apparently suffering more than others.

Microsoft has reportedly (unconfirmed) told users who haven’t yet updated their phones to hold off while the Redmond outfit works on a fix – a fix they expect to arrive in around 3 days. But what if you’re already stuck with a device that isn’t responding? Neowin Forum-goer Norseman has offered a handy guide for getting your Windows Phone 7 device back on its feet – it can’t hurt to try, right?

  • Connect your WP7 handset to a power source – NOT YOUR COMPUTER.
  • Turn the phone off.
  • Now turn the phone back on by pressing and holding the power, camera and volume up/down rocker and KEEP HOLDING even when you are asked if you want to format the SD card.
  • Release the three buttons once you see the phone enter ‘download mode’.
  • Now your phone will re-download and install the OS over the air. Leave the phone and if after 15 minutes it hasn’t restarted on its own, force a restart.
  • Set up your phone as if it was new, re-sync and re-update.

We’ve heard a couple of reports of this working like a charm, and if you’re stuck with a phone that isn’t working it’s got to be worth a shot at least!

Good luck!

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