How To Find Model Number Of iPhone X / iPhone 8

Here’s how to go about finding model number of your iPhone X or iPhone 8 now that Apple has removed the FCC logos, model number, “Designed by Apple in California” text and other labels from the back of the new iPhones in some regions.

The stunning glass back on Apple’s iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X looks elegantly exceptional. You’d be hard pushed to find anyone who would actually disagree with the beauty of the physical design of those devices.

However, that design, which features an all-glass rear panel, means that certain model number and regulatory information has been removed from the back of the device in some regions, while it’s kept in other regions due to a requirement of local laws in those countries. Due to this change, Apple now has added other ways for users to access this information when needed. Carry on reading below for multiple ways to access the device model number now that it has been removed from the back of the device.

SIM tray:

Step 1: First of all, you are going to need the correct SIM tray ejection tool for the device. Make sure that you use the Apple-provided tool – or at least a verified third-party one – to eject the SIM tray as you don’t want to cause any breakages.

Step 2: Once the SIM tray is ejected you will need to carefully hold it up to bright light in order to read the model number on its underside. If needed, you may have to introduce a magnifying glass to read it.


Step 1: As with most things of this nature, we are going to start by launching the native Settings app.

Step 2: When inside of Settings, navigate to General > About to pull up information about the device itself.

Step 3: Look for the cell which has the title Model. This will contain the device’s part number by default. Tap on the Model cell to switch this to the actual model number of that particular device. Make a note of it.


Last but not the least, you can also check for model number of your iPhone X or iPhone 8 the good old fashion way by checking the back of the retail box it came in. This option might not be available for everyone as most people just throw away their phone boxes, or forget where they kept them, when in need. Still, if you have it lying around, this is perhaps the easiest way to check the model number of your device.

Once you have the relevant model number information pertaining to your device, you can then head on over to Apple’s website and actually look up information about that model. If you have iPhone X, then you could look up information about your model here with details on LTE bands being supported by your model, and if you have iPhone 8 / 8 Plus, then the same information can be checked from here.

If you want to see some of the regulatory information which has been removed from the back of the device, then you can get that by going to Settings > General > About > Legal > Regulatory.

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