How To Enable Secret 1080p Video Recording And More In Hyperlapse iPhone App [Video]

A new hidden menu lets users record 1080p video using Instagram’s Hyperlapse app, with more options also opened up for good measure.

Instagram has taken the world by storm when it comes to low resolution, filtered photographs in a similar way to how Twitter cornered the market in short messages. It’s even managed to survive being bought by Facebook, which was a move that many thought may spell doom for a service that managed to go mainstream in a way that most can only dream of.

Instagram Hyperlapse

Instagram grew beyond images though and soon started offering video, but that wasn’t the end of that with Instagram’s Hyperlapse app launching most recently. Allowing users to shoot super stable time-lapse content on their smartphones, Hyperlapse has been generally accepted as not only a great way of creating and sharing time-lapse content, but also as quite the technological feat. The downside? It only supports 720p video due to the way it trims data from the video in order to ensure the content stays stable even in the most shaky of hands when recorded.

Getting into the hidden menu isn’t too difficult, so everyone can give it a try. Simply tap on the screen four times with four fingers and a new ‘Labs’ menu will be made available inside the app’s settings. It’s here that you can change the resolution that the app records in as well as enabling a new background save option that also comes with an additional library button for viewing previous hyperlapses.

Hyperlapse 1080p

We expect that this menu will either be removed or given a new magic incantation before it will open so it might be worth checking that before updating to any new version that Instagram pushes to the App Store.

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