Create A Disposable Phone Number On Your iPhone With This App For Secure Sharing

We all know those people who, ignorant to the dangers of sharing confidential information online, will happily post their cellphone number for the entire world to see on some of the web’s most frequented sites. And whenever we do see the occasional imbecile make such a blasé error, we usually look, say to ourselves "whew, I’d never do something that stupid," and continue about our business.

What we don’t think, perhaps, is how nice it would be if we could generate a temporary number for such purposes – disposable digits that would allow us to post them on a Facebook wall without actually, you know, giving our real number away. With technology developing and progressing at its current rate, many more of us are considering such James Bond-esque implementations, and much like the facial recognition and fingerprint detection features some have pined for, there’s usually a development team working on your dream feature.

Burner iPhone

Burner for iPhone is a pretty unique, but insanely-intriguing app which allows you to create a throw-away number. Created by Ad Hoc Labs, its said to be aimed towards dating, Craigslist, bands, and other such eventualities in which you may not wish to release your real phone number. Even if you don’t indulge in any of the above, I can sense your inner-geek leaning towards trying this out through sheer curiosity!


Burner allows you to create a batch of temporary numbers, and when you make a call from them, your recipient’s caller ID will show that fabricated number. Should anybody call you on a burner number, then said call will divert straight your real voicemail. Once you’re done with the number, simply tap the "burn" button, and your faux number will have vanished into thin air.


It costs just $1.99, and is preloaded with 20 credits equating to 20 SMS messages or 20 voice minutes on a single Burner line lasting a week. If you want more credits though, they can easily be purchased in-app, and I don’t know about you, but I can think of at least a million ways one could have fun with this app!


Please note, Burner only works with US and Canadian phone numbers, so if you live outside those two countries, don’t purchase since you’ll be wasting your money!

(Source: Burner for iPhone on App Store)

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