How To Add Camera App’s Live Viewfinder In 3D Touch Quick Actions Menu

Anyone with a jailbroken iOS device will know that Cydia and the native repositories that ship within are packed to the rafters with tweaks, extensions, and small utilities that extend the functionality of an iOS device in one way or another. Some of them are extremely useful and often become those “must have” installations for anyone jailbreaking. There is now a new tweak in town that allows you to capture a photo directly from the Quick Actions menu invoked using 3D Touch on the Camera app icon.

Enter – Point-And-Shoot, a camera-based package that changes the way iOS native Quick Actions menu via 3D Touch works on the iPhone. When invoking the Quick Actions menu from the Camera app icon, and selecting the “Take a Photo” option, rather than launching the full Camera app, Point-And-Shoot takes over to show the camera’s viewfinder in a smaller window that essentially exists within the initial Quick Actions menu frame. This supposedly gives users the ability to instantly get an accessible camera instance right within 3D Touch Quick Actions menu without the load times of launching the app.


In addition to providing that instant accessibility, Point-And-Shoot also bundles in a number of fun little features that make it a little more than just a tweak that provides the viewfinder in a different location. A simple touch-and-drag on the corner of the frame allows the viewfinder to be resized to suit the user’s requirements within the confines of the screen. There’s also a double-tap gesture on the frame itself that instantly switches the camera between the forward-facing “selfie” mode, and the rear camera for those important moments that need to be captured.


As you might expect, due to the lack of buttons or the presence of a defined UI, some things are limited. The flash for example has to be system-defined and is either on or off based on the detected lighting conditions. There is no way to manually override this like in the full Camera app. With that said, given the limitations of the tweak based on how it’s invoked and the functionality that it offers from within a very limited space within iOS, it does provide a very fun, and very quick way of snapping photographs without the intrusion of the full camera user-interface and associated distractions.

Point-And-Shoot can be downloaded for free from the BigBoss repo in Cydia right now.

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