Here’s What Info Apple Can Extract From A Locked iPhone On Law Enforcement Request

When our iOS devices are locked with a passcode, we, as consumers, like to think that the data behind it is secure as can be. However, in compliance with guidelines in place for use by US law enforcement officials, Apple has revealed precisely what it would potentially be able to extract from your handset if the cops ever wanted to investigate the contents.

The Cupertino company isn’t, of course, authorized to simply snoop your private data on will of its own, but if the police or other government body were to request info on your SMS, contacts, videos, photos or call history, as well as any audio recordings you may have stored, then Apple has the secret tools capable of unearthing said information.

iPhone 5s

The tools that make this possible are shrouded in secrecy, as you would expect, but it’s certainty useful to know that such data can be recovered even if you follow through with the secure, in-built steps that apparently secure your information.

It’s worth noting that while Apple can get at stock apps, it has no access to the data of third-party utilities. Additionally, Apple’s tool set cannot get into your calendar entries and your personal emails. Sure, your emails could be hacked en route to your device or via another source, but if the cops wanted to check those saved on your device, they would not be able to by using Apple’s in-house methods.

The information released by Apple sees the fruit company also maintain that if law enforcement does wish for such information to be extracted, it will only be possible under the roof of the Mac maker’s Cupertino headquarters. Additionally, if the data is to be taken away for further scrutiny, the policing agency would need to bring their own form of removable storage media.

If this tool were ever to get into the wrong hands, all hell could potentially break loose, so lets hope that it’s hidden deep within one of Apple’s secretive vaults and only unearthed when those special visitors come to town.

Even though privacy is important, there are times, such as in the fight against crime, that this process would be necessary. Do you agree? Share your comments below!

(Source: Apple)

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