Here’s How Fast The Touch ID Is On iPhone 6s Compared To iPhone 6 [Video]

When purchasing any new-generation hardware, you subconsciously predict improvements in performance, but it’s immediately apparent that consumers couldn’t predict just how performant and impressive Apple’s second-generation Touch ID sensor would be on the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The videos embedded below takes a deeper look at second-gen Touch ID on the iPhone 6s and compares it with previous-gen Touch ID sensor on iPhone 6. As can be seen in the videos, Apple has managed to drag an insane level of performance out of its Touch ID sensor embedded in iPhone 6s, which is at least a few seconds noticeably faster and responsive than the one found in last year’s iPhone 6.

iPhone 6s main 5

Touch ID integration on the iPhone and iPad range exists to let the user authenticate with a simple touch of the Home button. The underlying biometric sensor reads that fingerprint, matches it against the one saved and stored in the secure enclave, and then allows access if a match is detected. It appears simple to the user, but in reality it is quite a complex process that requires a number of parts of iOS and the device hardware to work together.

Unfortunately for Apple, it seems that you can’t please all of the people all of the time. In a world where consumers crave speed and efficiency, some find the insane unlocking speed on 6s inconvenient. As one user points out “I can’t even click the home button to check the clock without it automatically unlocking the phone.”

It remains to be seen whether Apple will address this as an issue and potentially implement an option within Touch ID & Passcode settings to limit how quickly the device reads the fingerprint data and unlocks it, or whether or not they feel it’s “by design” and working as intended. Either way, you really can’t knock the insane performance improvements that seem to keep coming out of the iPhone 6s.

(Video sources: MacRumors, 9to5Mac)

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