Here Are The Top Reasons Why You Should Update To iOS 8.1.1 And Use TaiG To Jailbreak Today

Jailbreaking has always been a giant game of cops and robbers, with Apple constantly closing the loopholes that the creators of jailbreaks rely on in order to gain access to the core of iOS. Just as a new jailbreak is released it’s a given that the exploit used will not be available in the next revision of the iPhone and iPad operating system.

The problem for those already jailbroken is that they obviously don’t want to give that up, often passing up serious bug fixes in order to preserve their jailbreak. An even bigger problem arises when iOS updates include fixes for major security flaws because, inevitably, a large portion of the jailbreak community simply won’t be protected.

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So when a new version of iOS is released, it’s often a race against time to get a new jailbreak ready.

With the TaiG jailbreak we have our first chance at liberating iOS 8.1.1, and here’s why you should update and re-jailbreak if you’re running an earlier version of iOS.

Better Performance On Older Devices


If you’re rocking an iPhone 4s or an iPad 2 then you’re going to want to get your hands on iOS 8.1.1, if only for the often noticeable speed improvements that it affords to those older devices. It’s no fun waiting for animations to load or for apps to work their magic, so update today and give yourself a fighting chance of not going insane while you wait for an app to load.

Security Fixes

iPhone 6

Arguably the main reason to install any iOS update; security fixes are super important. Apple even has a web page dedicated to what security fixes have gone into iOS 8.1.1, so don’t think there’s nothing of interest here.

TaiG Is Stable To Use


It’s possibly still fairly early to say that, but so far things look quite promising indeed. If you’re currently having strange problems with your iPhone or iPad using a previous jailbreak, maybe now is the time to take advantage of what iOS 8.1.1 has to offer, safe in the knowledge that TaiG should have your back when you’re done.

Jailbreaking is still extremely popular amongst those who like to tinker with their phones and tablets, and even as Apple adds features that were once the purview of the jailbreak community we don’t expect that to change any time soon. Being as up-to-date as you can with regards to iOS updates is important, so make sure you take heed when an upgrade path is available to you.

If you’ve been waiting to update to iOS 8.1.1, that’s exactly what TaiG offers.

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