Hands-On With Moto 360, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live Smartwatches [Videos]

When Google first brought Android Wear to the tech world’s attention back in March, both LG and Motorola presented us with their respective efforts in the form of the G Watch and Moto 360. Today, with the search giant having subsequently pushed the full Android Wear SDK out to developers, Samsung has also thrown its hat into the ring with the Gear Live, a smartwatch that doesn’t look too dissimilar to the recently-released Gear 2. With these three new devices all set for release in the near future, many of you will no doubt be considering one of them as a prospective acquisition, and if so, you’ll definitely want to check out our videos below, where we take a closer look at each.

The Moto G watch seemed to resonate with our Redmond Pie readers, and why not? It’s insanely cool, and seems to hit the sweet spot between traditional wristwatch and geeky digital assistant, something that other manufacturers seemed to have missed. The rounded, circular display looks very much the part, but as you’ll see from our brief encounter below, it’s more than just a pretty face.

360 Live G watch hands on

With a stainless steel bezel, it’s always going to earn plaudits for its looks, but in terms of functionality, it appears more than competent when processing a few of Android Wear’s basic functions. Automatically awoken with a simple swivel of the wrist, a user can readily interact with the device through voice or touch, and of the three Android Wear devices officially announced so far, this is comfortably our favorite.

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Next, we got a 90-second demo with the LG G Watch, which offers a soberingly geeky aesthetic when compared with the Moto 360. The square nature of the display does make a great deal more practical sense, but it’s hard to overlook the fact that LG should have done more about the unsightly nature of the bezel, which degrades what is otherwise a reasonable-looking gadget.

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Finally, we also got a quick chance to catch up with the enigmatic Gear Live. As you will see, it’s almost identical to the Gear 2, and given that the current flagship smartwatch is scarcely two months old, we’d hazard that the internals are roughly similar as well.

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So, we’re putting it out there – the Moto 360 is definitely our favorite of the three Android Wear devices announced so far. But which is yours? Do share your thoughts with us below!

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