Google Reportedly Trying To Block iPad and iPhone Shipments In US Over 3G Patent Spat

Remember a few days back when Samsung won a patent claim over Apple regarding 3G technology? Well now, it has emerged the fruit company has also violated one of Google’s (or specifically, Motorola Mobility’s) registered innovations, and finance analyst ZeroHedge (via 9to5Mac) believes the Big G is looking to block shipments of the fruit company’s iPhone and iPad devices as a result.

The blocking of sales of the iPad and iPhone in the United States would have devastating consequences on Apple, and the ZeroHedge blurb has also been covered by Reuters, Bloomberg and CNBC. At time of writing, none of the aforementioned sources seem certain the block has been initiated, but if so – and if the attempted block is upheld, the effect on the world’s most profitable company could seriously affect business.

iPhone iPad

The Samsung issue seems separate to the Google dispute, and although the Korean consumer electronics outfit has been heavy distraction for Tim Cook’s outfit, this particular scuffle could be more than just another segment in the back-and-forth patent stockpiling battle.

Just to reiterate, if Apple was blocked from selling the iPhone and iPad on US soil, a large portion – pushing on a majority – of its business would be on a knife-edge, and with Android already quite a way ahead in terms of smartphone reach, the once-domineering company would be up against it to rebuild its consumer base.

At present, it is unknown as to whether Google has moved for the block, and all should be clearer in the coming hours and days. Most have viewed the patent wars as an oft petty way of each respective company scoring points over the other, and although sales blocks in certain countries around the globe do affect business, North America is the main market for each party involved.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this one pans out. Until the story becomes a little more cut and dried, I would probably be inclined to believe the story is escalated speculation, but such is the fierce battle for smartphone and tablet supremacy, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised – if a tad shocked – if Google has indeed decided to really up the ante in the ongoing courtroom battle.

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