Google Reportedly Planning To Release Android Powered Gaming Console, Nexus Q 2 And Smartwatch

According to a fresh report published today; Google is planning a Nexus Q sequel, an Android powered gaming console and a smartwatch. We’ve got more details right after the break.

The report comes in from The Wall Street Journal who are citing sources claiming to have info regarding Google’s plans. The report however, does not mention when the aforementioned products – or gizmos – will bear fruit, apart from the notion that they will be released in the near future.

WSJ’s report does not go into technical details regarding what Google is plotting at this point either. Therefore we’re more obliged to take this news with a pinch of salt.

However, in the past we’ve heard several times that Google might actually bring forth a smartwatch to keep itself in the wearable tech game. Google Glass is a great example of that. With rumors also floating around that Apple is also working on its own smartwatch – or iWatch – offering, it will be very interesting to see who from the Big Two will beat the other by being first to the market.

Nexus smartwatch 2

Google Nexus Smartwatch Concept

Nexus Q was Google’s attempt last year to take on the living room by offering a streaming media device running Android. Carrying a hefty price tag along with a feature set close to none, it was bound to fail. In fact, it didn’t even made it to the retail shelves as Google pulled the plug from the whole project soon after the announcement. Today’s report really throws in a little gasoline over a nearly put out flame. Personally, I’m looking forward to see what the Nexus Q 2 will bring on the table.


First-gen Nexus Q

As far as gaming consoles go, an Android powered gaming console from Google is surely an interesting idea, but not necessarily a good one. Yes, it might find a good place in living rooms around the world for those who are craving casual gaming, but, can it match what the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has to offer? Nope. Not by a long shot. At least that’s what I personally think until I am proven wrong. See Ouya, or the upcoming GamePop, for example. They may have some appeal for casual gamers, but not the hardcore ones.



What do you think? Which is the product you believe Google should come forward with in the future: Nexus Q 2, an Android powered gaming console, or a smartwatch?

Personally my vote is for the smartwatch. What about yours?

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