Get Your Very Own Iron Man Suit For Just $2,000. Or $35,000 If You’re In A Hurry [Photos]

We’ve yet to come across anyone that doesn’t like Iron Man, but equally we’ve yet to come across anyone who likes Iron Man enough to splash out on a suit that makes them look like the real thing. As awesome as it sounds, it’s just not something that you do.

Just when we were comfortable in that thought, we came across a new type of Iron Man suit. One that looks every bit the part just as much as the one that Tony Stark wears in the movies when saving the world. It doesn’t just look good either, because this wonderful piece of functional art actually sort of works, too. Well, it lights up at least.


Actually, it does more than light up. Thanks to the undisputed power of some AAA batteries this ultimate Iron Man costume actually features a motorized helmet and rear thrusters too, but don’t expect to be flying around the globe just yet – they’re fake, after all.

Unfortunately, all this awesome comes at a price. If you want to get in on the cosplay action then you’ll need to lay down $2,000, and that doesn’t even guarantee you’ll get anything. The people making the things, Iron Man Factory believe it or not, say they need at least 5,000 pre-orders before they can begin production. And even then, you’re looking at a nigh-on year-long wait before taking delivery. Still, good things come to those who wait, apparently.

If the wait sounds a tad too long and you’ve got a spare $35,000 sat in your back pocket you can get a suit with just a four month wait thanks to 3D-printing, but we can’t help but things are getting a little bit silly at that point.


If $2,000 sounds a little too much, you can order just the helmet for a not unreasonable $1,800. That being said, for the extra $200 we can’t help but think we’d go all in and stump up for the full shebang.

Apparently the suit is a perfect fit for anyone between 5ft 5-inches and 6ft 1-inch tall, so you won’t be buying this for little Timmy. Which is a shame.

But there’s one problem, though. Marvel has asked the creators to stop selling these suits, since, well, they are unlicensed suits. So yeah, if you’re living outside China, then you’re well out of luck to get your hands on one.

So, where’s the Redmond Pie credit card gone?

(via: TechCrunch)

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