Galaxy S III Has Been Pre-Ordered 9 Million Times Already, All Set To Break Previous Samsung Sales Records?

Samsung’s latest top of the range smartphone, the Galaxy S III, has been the talk of the mobile world in recent months with consumer technology lovers falling over themselves to get their hands on it and see what all the fuss is about. The South Korean electronics giants managed to keep a lot of the finer details under wraps until the official launch at the start of this month, but if reports are to be believed then the event held in London has stirred up significant interest in the device.

GALAXY S III Product Image (3)_B

According to Reuters, Samsung have received almost nine million pre-release orders for the Galaxy S III, all coming from providers of mobile networks across the world. If history has taught us anything in matters such as these, it’s that these kinds of rumors are not always entirely accurate, but in this instance, the information is said to have come from an unnamed employee who holds an executive position within Samsung.

If the reported numbers turn out to be true then it certainly represents early success for Samsung with the Galaxy S III smartphone and shows that the initial hype surrounding the phone has transferred across to where it actually matters – sales. The 9 million pre-orders in itself is extremely positive for Samsung, but when you also take into account that the figure doesn’t include any United States-based orders, it looks even more encouraging. Samsung is yet to launch the Galaxy S III into the American marketplace, but with the U.S. model of the device will reportedly run on top of a dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor, I see no reason why the Americans won’t significantly add to Samsung’s sales.

As a company, Samsung is now pushing out more mobile phones that any other manufacturer who exists in the same market space. Samsung’s previous Galaxy model, the S II, swept past the 30 million sold units at the back end of last year, managing to sell two-thirds of that total in the first ten months after launch. 9 million reported pre-orders of their latest device certainly stands them in good stead to be able to shatter the record set by its predecessor.

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From a personal point of view, I would be very keen to see if the figures we are being quoted turn out to be anywhere close to accurate, and if so, how many of these actually remain in inventory with the mobile networks. Regardless of what the actual sales count is currently standing at, those consumers who are looking for a new smartphone or are hitting an upgrade period, the Galaxy S III is definitely one device to consider.

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