Future Scheduler For Android Schedules And Automatically Accomplishes Tasks So You Don’t Have To

How many times have you forgotten to send an email, make a phone call or send a text message? If you’re anything like us, then you’re probably forgetting way more often than you are remembering. It’s pretty important stuff, too. Forgetting to send a happy birthday text can cause more trouble than you would ever imagine, and we’ve all been there.

Setting reminders via Google Calendar or your choice of to-do app is one way of attacking a very real problem, but does it not feel like a solution that stops just a little short of being the real deal? Do you not have this nagging doubt that there could be a better way, something a little more automated and with less room for error?

Future Scheduler for Android could be that solution, and it is available to download now from Google Play.

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What Future Scheduler does is something that we have all wished for at least once, and probably something that could have saved all manner of problems from arising. If we had just remembered to send that important business email then the ensuing chaos could have been avoided, and Future Scheduler could have helped.


Simply, Future Scheduler allows you to set an alarm of sorts, a reminder than an SMS, email, Facebook update or phone call needs to happen at a specific time. While that sounds like standard fare, there’s more to it than that. Future Scheduler won’t just remind you do do it, it will take care of it, too.

Tell Future Scheduler to place a call, and it will. Ask it to send an SMS at a particular time, and that message will be sent, regardless of whether you remember or not. You can even set recurring events, too, so you will never miss sending someone’s birthday wishes again. It could well be a life saver, especially for those of us who just seem incapable of remembering such things.

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If you need to remember to send a message or make a call, then Future Scheduler has your back. It’s like your own personal assistant, but without the horrible perfume.

Download Future Scheduler for Android [Google Play link]

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