CoinKeeper For Android Is The Best App Out There For Tracking Your Expenses And Finances

Keeping track of your finances is never an easy thing, especially for us geeks. We are always buying apps, coffee and all the other trappings of being a geek. It’s an expensive business, even before you start factoring in all the phones, computers and tablets we like to keep buying.

So how do you keep track of all that money that is flowing out and, hopefully, into your bank account? How do you identify those little leaks that end up adding up to surprisingly huge sums of money and potentially preventing that next big purchase you are planning for? Have you ever looked at just how much you spend at Starbucks?!

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If you’re an iOS user, then you’ve probably heard of an app called CoinKeeper. It has been the go-to app for iPhone owners wanting to keep track of their finances for some time, and now there is a shiny new Android app to add to the fray, allowing those of the little green robot persuasion to take advantage of all the same features as those with iPhones. Intrigued? You will be!


CoinKeeper, free for the first 15 days of use, aims to help people keep tabs on where their money is going on a day-by-day basis. Multiple accounts are supported, and reminders of upcoming bills and the like are also available, meaning you’ll never see a late fee again.

CoinKeeper also tries to address one of the biggest problems of these kinds of apps, and that is the time it takes to enter new transactions. One of the biggest barriers to using a personal budgeting app such as this is the time it takes to enter details of new expenses. If you don’t enter these, then the app is useless. CoinKeeper’s developers know that, and adding new transactions to the app will take just a couple of seconds.

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Other features include a password that will protect your data, multiple currencies and a cloud syncing service that keeps all your data backed up as well as making it available across multiple devices. Perfect, if you have a tablet and a phone that you want to keep in sync.

With CoinKeeper you can now keep track of your money using just your smartphone. Budgeting has never been so easy.

Download CoinKeepr for Android [Google Play link]

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