Former Apple Exec Believes Scott Forstall’s Departure Is Exactly What He Deserves [VIDEO]

Whenever we talk about the executive structure of Apple, or watch a live media event, we invariably see the same names and faces; Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Phil Schiller and Eddy Cue to name a few. While they are all extremely important in the company’s structure and vital to the history of what makes Apple the company that it is today, it’s worth remembering the almost forgotten names of those who played their part in phoenix from the flames story that surrounds the Cupertino company. Tony Fadell is one of those previous Apple executives who has gone onto ventures new, but it seems that Apple’s departing SVP of iOS, Scott Forstall, left a bitter taste in Fadell’s mouth.

A lot of technology fans will probably know Tony Fadell as the CEO of Nest, but he is also widely regarded as the "father of the iPod" due to the vast amount of time he spent working on the portable music player. During his time with Apple, Fadell played an instrumental role in making the iPod as popular as it is today, as well as working on early versions of the iPhone software and getting involved with the design and development of the original iPhone hardware before ultimately exiting the company in 2008. It seems that a recent short interview with the man himself proved to be a golden opportunity to resist having a little pop shot at the ousted Forstall, who clearly rubbed him up the wrong way at Apple.


In an interview with the BBC, Fadell didn’t really pull any punches when asked about Scott Forstall’s departure from Apple, claiming that the company’s former Senior Vice President of iOS "got what he deserved". We’ve seen numerous reports over the course of time that Forstall had a knack for rubbing colleagues up the wrong way, taking credit for work that wasn’t solely his and deflecting blame for things that go wrong, but Fadell unreservedly thinks Tim Cook made the right choice: "I think what happened just a few weeks back was deserved and justified and it happened".

Of course the interview was about more than just his relationship with Scott Forstall, but the verdict from a well respected Silicon Valley man like Fadell seems to confirm what we have been hearing about Scott Forstall. And while he has been largely responsible for a lot of successes at Apple, the time seems to be right for him to move onto pastures new.

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(source BBC)

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