Forget Apple Vs. Samsung, Motorola Wants Import Ban On iPhone, iPad And iPod touch

Apple maybe riding on a wave of unprecedented pre-release interest in their next-generation iPhone that is due to be announced next month, but it isn’t all sunshine and happiness for the Cupertino-based technology giants. Although the next few weeks represents an extremely exciting time for Apple and all those who are involved in the iPhone project, legal representatives of the company are still locked in an ongoing patent battle with Samsung with proceedings set to come to an end at some point next week.

Although Apple has presented evidence that points out three different loss of sales scenarios that is seeing them claim up to $2.8 billion in damages from Samsung, there is by no means any guarantee that the judge or jury will see the situation from their point of view, meaning it is in no way the foregone conclusion that some people seem to think it is. As if Tim Cook and his team didn’t have enough to worry about, Google-owned Motorola Mobility have let it be known that they are less than happy with some of Apple’s products and want to contest their validity in court.

To show that they are serious about their patent infringement claims, Motorola Mobility has filed a new complaint with the United States International Trade Commission. This isn’t the first time Motorola has attempted to have some shackles slapped onto Apple’s extremely popular iOS devices with an earlier attempt this year being thrown out before they even got started. Something has obviously changed in the Mobility ranks considering they have a new found confidence in their case that they claim sees no less than seven of its owned patents being infringed upon.

We don’t have any official word from Apple about this latest attempt to drag them through the courts, but Motorola is claiming that attempted talks with Apple to work out some kind of license agreement for their innovations have failed, leaving them with no other option but to pursue this legal avenue. The case focuses on Apple’s major mobile devices like the iPod touch, iPad and iPhone as well as their range of Macs will reportedly be brought into question whether or not technologies like Siri and location-based reminders are entirely Apple’s own work.

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Not a great deal more information is available at present and we will know more as it progresses and we actually see some kind of retort from the fruit company, but with Motorola attempting to get some kind of import ban on the iPhone, it is certainly a headache that Apple could do without.

(via Bloomberg)

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