Finder For AirPods App Can Help You In Locating Those Lost AirPods

A new app called ‘Finder for AirPods’ can help you in locating those missing or lost AirPods. Here are the details on how it works.

Apple may be using its technological and engineering advances to continue progressing its product offerings, and in some cases, make them much smaller, but that can often come with certain trade-offs and acceptances that aren’t exactly ideal.


In the case of Apple’s new AirPods product line, the company has applied significant design and engineering resources into creating a product that’s tiny and lightweight, but that could potentially be lost with relative ease. Thankfully, there’s a new iPhone app for that called Finder for AirPods which looks to assist when an AirPods earpiece goes missing.

The app itself is definitely not a precision-perfect tracking app. Apple’s AirPods don’t have any type of GPS functionality baked into them, and are therefore incapable of being tracked by a last known location like Apple’s iOS and Mac devices are using Find My iPhone app. In an ideal world, that would be the perfect setup, and make finding a lost AirPods earpiece relatively easy job. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that ideal world, but we do live in a world that can use Bluetooth to track signal strength, turning the act of finding a misplaced earpiece into a fun game of “hot or cold.”

And that’s exactly how the app works. Rather than giving precision accuracy, the app actually has an interface that displays a Bluetooth signal strength on it, which should give the user a fairly good indication of if they are getting close to the missing AirPods earpiece, or further away. The interface also takes the user through the process of actually selecting which earpiece is missing, resulting in the available piece of kit having to be placed into the charging case.


Of course, the user must also be using an iOS device that has already had the lost AirPods earpiece paired with it. Like a lot of useful apps, Finder for AirPods came to life because the developer actually lost one of his own AirPods earpiece:

I actually lost one of my AirPods on the first day, I spent hours looking for it and then thought of making an app that will help me find them, which it did.

This is by no means a perfect, foolproof solution for locating lost hardware. Certain environmental and building factors stand a good chance of interfering with the Bluetooth connection and providing false information. However, for those that simply refuse to pay a $69 replacement AirPods fee, this is definitely a good place to start.


The app costs $2.99, and can be download from the App Store.

(Download: Finder for AirPods for iPhone from the App Store)

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