Fast File Transfer For Android Is A Great Alternative To Wi-Fi Direct For Fast File Transfers Over Wi-Fi

Sometimes, you just need to transfer a presentation to a co-worker or friend, or a home movie to a family member. In the age of fast Wi-Fi and smartphones, why use physical medium when you can simply send files around over the air? If you are using Android, Fast File Transfer is an easy-to-use utility that lets you do just that.

The beauty of this utility is its simplicity: it’s easy to setup and does not require an Internet connection at all. It’s just a small utility that runs on the sender’s Android that can send files off to any capable smartphone, including other Android phones and even iOS devices. Fast File Transfer works by creating a Wi-Fi network from the sender’s phone, effectively turning it into a file server that any other device can access.


Using the app is very simple: once it is installed, it will add a new “Fast File Transfer” option to the “Send” menu in the file browser, allowing any file to be transferred via Wi-Fi. From there, a Wi-Fi network will be created from your phone. From the receiver’s device, simply connect to the Wi-Fi network that was just created from the sender’s phone and just pick the file you wish to download. A status indication will then appear on the sender’s phone in order to track progress: it is that simple!

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What’s the downside? Unfortunately, the Fast File Transfer app does not work on devices that do not include the Wi-Fi hotspot feature, such as the HTC EVO 3D and even the Nexus 7. Since no app is required for receiving files, however, these phones can still work as receivers.

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This method of transferring files is definitely much more convenient than moving big chunks of data around USB and memory sticks, or even CDs and DVDs. As the developer points out, this method can be over 20X faster than sending files over Bluetooth, and therefore an ideal method for moving large files around.

Will this replace the countless USB sticks many carry around in their bags? Let us know in the comments.

(Source: Fast File Transfer for Android on Play Store)

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