Facebook’s Year In Review Lets You See Your 20 Biggest Moments For Year 2012

It seems just like yesterday when those 12 bells chimed and 2012 was welcomed with hopes of a prosperous and exciting 12 months ahead, but in just under 3 weeks time that feeling of deja vu will be setting in once again as the curtain closes on another year and we get ready to see what 2013 will bring us. Considering the importance of social media in our lives and the continuing rise in popularity throughout 2012, it’s likely that a large portion of us have interacted rather extensively with Facebook during the course of this year, which is something that they are keen to celebrate by offering us the chance to see our 2012 in review directly from our Facebook profile page.

The new offering from Facebook essentially gives users the ability to see 20 of their biggest moments from the last 12 months, all collated together in one timeline. It remains a mystery just what information they take into account and how they actually pick what they deem to be the 20 biggest moments for each user, but it’s safe to say that everyone will see a nostalgic timeline that contains some fairly significant happenings, and some that we really don’t care that much about. Check out the extremely simple steps below to get your own 2012 Facebook review.


Step 1: Log into your Facebook account using the registered credentials through a standard web browser at Facebook.com. The 2012 review currently does not support setting up through mobile devices.

Step 2: Navigate to your actual profile page rather than the default news feed page that it shown when logged in.

Step 3: A user’s profile timeline of events generally begins underneath the personal information under the profile picture. On the right hand side at the top of the timeline should be a See Your 2012 Year In Review option. Click that link to begin the configuration.


Step 4: The timeline is created and displayed almost immediately with a very attractive tiled background of changing images at the top of the page that are pulled from the profile.


Step 5: Scroll down through the timeline to see what Facebook has deemed the twenty most important moments of your 2012.

In terms of relevance and things that actually matter, the service has managed to place my recent marriage at the top of my timeline, as well as the news I was expecting of my first child, so it did bring back some extremely happy memories. However, it did also return some instances of people commenting on an unimportant status and sharing videos that I could do with not seeing again, so not everything was relevant. Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth giving a try to see what Facebook deem your 20 most significant moments of this year.

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