Face Mask For Windows Phone Lets You Add A Mask On Someone’s Face By Simply Shaking Your Phone

Microsoft is on something of an app releasing bender of late. If they aren’t releasing new iPhone and Android apps or games, then they are bringing new apps to their own also-ran mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7.

Face Mask

The latest app to come out of the Redmond software researchers is Face Mask, an app for those Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

What Face Mask does is absolutely useless, but for some reason strangely addictive.
Want a fun way to play with photos? Or for reasons like privacy, would you like an easy way to hide a person’s face before sharing a photo? Then Face Mask is the right app for you. It offers a wide selection of masks/stickers to apply to your favorite photos.

face mask 1

Users of Face Mask can throw a photo of one or multiple people at the app, and then alter the image by adding masks and the like, just for kicks. The app will recognize what is and isn’t a face, and can also randomize the effects should that float your boat. How do you change the randomization? Well, in true gimmicky fashion users can shake their phone to trigger a new selection of masks. Why have a button when you can have people wave their handsets around like idiots, right?

Once edited, users can upload the photos to Facebook, Twitter or Sina Weibo, as well as be saved to the People Hub. All the usual bases covered there, then.

face mask 3

So far reviews of the app on the Marketplace vary wildly between awesome and awful, but if the Windows Phone 7 reviews are anything like those for iOS or Android apps, then those should probably be taken with a considerable pinch of salt.

Microsoft’s Face Mask app is absolutely free, and is available to download now from Microsoft’s marketplace. Have at it folks, everyone knows people like nothing more than to put funny masks on their friends, right?

Download Face Mask for Windows Phone [Marketplace Link]

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