Elevate Your Instagram Game: Top Websites For Purchasing Followers And Engagement

With over 2.4 billion users, Instagram can help you take your brand to the next level. However, you need to have many followers for your brand to get noticed. This can be hard work if you are getting started on the social media platform. Luckily, there is a way out; you can purchase Instagram followers.

However, with so many scam sites selling fake followers, it’s important to buy from genuine and reputable sites. This article will review the top websites for purchasing Instagram followers and engagement.

Why Instagram Followers And Engagement Matters

There are several reasons why you should consider buying followers and engagements on your Instagram page. These include:

  • Content visibility. The Instagram algorithm gives a lot of prominence to accounts with many followers and engagement. A small but highly engaged audience is usually better than a large but non-engaged audience. When you have many comments, likes, and shares, the Instagram algorithm will understand that your content resonates with your audience and reward you with better visibility.
  • Trust and credibility. Instagram users often assume that pages with thousands of followers are more credible and trustworthy. When you buy followers, you increase the credibility of your account.
  • Increased influencer. Many followers and engagement can signify a higher influence on the social media site.
  • Satisfaction level. For some users, a higher level of engagement gives them a certain level of satisfaction. They love having a community that they can interact with.

Top 10 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers And Engagement

If you  are wondering where to buy  Instagram followers, here are our top 10 recommendations

1. Mixx

When buying followers, one critical factor to consider is the quality. If you need a service provider who sells high-quality followers and engagement, Mixx is a great option. Besides, it’s only one of the few that offers Instagram services alone. That means they understand the Instagram algorithm well and what it takes to grow an Instagram account.


  • High-quality followers consisting of real people.
  • A lot of expertise in growing Instagram accounts.
  • Offers a refill guarantee.
  • Fast delivery of followers and engagement.


  • The site isn’t beautiful.

Founded by Instagram professionals, Mixx has a level of knowledge that not many sites have due to its specialization on the social media site. Therefore, when you order likes, comments, and followers, you can leverage the Instagram algorithm to grow your following.

2. SubscriberZ

Are you searching for a safe, secure, and trusted site that will deliver followers and engagement from real people in your niche?  If you answer yes, SubscriberZ is the right site to enable you to do that. The service provider will deliver targeted followers in your niche, increasing engagement. The service is discreet, and nobody will know that you have ordered followers from them.


  • Delivers followers fast but organically.
  • Sell genuine followers for an authentic boost to your account.
  • Competitive packages.
  • 24/7 customer service.


  • No free trial period

We ranked SubscriberZ as the second-best site on our list because it organically delivers real followers, ensuring your Instagram account’s safe growth. Besides, its advanced targeting option only sends the right audience to your account. You can specify details such as the country and region where you want your followers to come from, and they will deliver that.

3. SocialGreg

There are many sites out there that all purport to deliver genuine followers. However, one of the sites that we can vouch for in this regard is SocialGreg. While the site has been in the market for nearly 10 years and has sold millions of followers and engagement, it still receives exemplary reviews from its previous customers. This, combined with good customer service and fast delivery, makes us rank SocialGreg third on our list.


  • Thousands of 5-star reviews.
  • Focuses on quality over quantity.
  • Wide range of packages.
  • It has a free trial period.
  • Exemplary customer service.


  • Offers so many services with no specialization

No matter your budget, SocialGreg has a package for you.  You can get a free package to test their services by choosing the free likes on the dropdown menu.  This can give you a good understanding of the services you will likely get from them.

4. UseViral

UseViral has been around for some time, providing various services such as Instagram likes, followers, comments, views, and more. One of the things we love about the site is that it is easy to use, with all the services visible on the home page.


  • User-friendly website.
  • Provides big discounts.


  • The followers and engagement add no value to your Instagram account.
  • It may cause your Instagram to be banned.

We dug deeper into their services and realized they use software to deliver followers and engagement. That often means fake followers and engagement, as there is no way software will deliver genuine people.

5. Growthoid

Growthoid offers users the choice to buy regular followers and engagement or premium followers. The regular package costs $4.5 for 50 followers, while the premium package costs $6 for 50.


  • Variety of packages for different user needs.
  • Specialises in Instagram services.


  • Deliver followers and engagement from accounts with no profile photos.
  • Followers and engagement drop after some time.

According to their explanation, regular followers don’t have profile pictures or activities on their accounts. In other words, they accept that they are bot followers. As for the premium followers, they only seem to guarantee that they do not drop.

6. TokUpgrade

If you want a temporary boost to your Instagram numbers and not long-term growth to your account, you may want to consider TokUpgrade. While their packages aren’t the cheapest, they are also quite affordable, with 50 Instagram followers costing $4.5. However, we feel the site leans more towards TikTok service and only added Instagram as an afterthought.


  • Offers privacy for buyers.
  • Personalized packages.


  • Doesn’t seem serious about Instagram services.
  • Lots of negative reviews on independent sites.

7. Instafollowers

With packages starting from as few as 10 followers for $0.9, Instafollowers makes a strong case for an affordable service provider. The service provider offers two packages: high-quality and Real followers.

The former refers to what they term real-looking virtual accounts. From our research, a virtual account is simply a fancy term for bot followers. According to them, the latter offers followers and engagement from real accounts. But from our research, we found that even these weren’t from real people.


  • Packages for less than $1.
  • It doesn’t require a password.


  • The number of followers and engagement drops after some time.
  • Both packages sell fake followers.

8. StormLikes

Stormlikes offers a wide range of Instagram services, including likes, followers, comments, views, automatic likes, and followers. According to their site, automatic likes cater to future uploads. That means when you make posts in the future, they will deliver likes. That sounds like a good deal, except the quality of the likes seems questionable.


  • It allows you to buy likes for future posts.
  • It uses the pay-as-you-go model, where you are only charged for likes received.


  • It doesn’t deliver real likes.

While StormLikes looked like a good deal with unique packages, we didn’t like the quality of their followers, as they don’t interact with your Instagram account. This may cause your account to be banned.

9. SuperViral

We were attracted to the name Superviral because it seemed like it would help make our Instagram account go viral. So, we decided to give it a try. When we visited their sites, we saw packages starting from $1.29 for 50 likes. Compared to our top three sites, we felt this was higher. Additionally, the quality of the followers and engagement was also questionable.


  • Has an option to split likes.
  • User-friendly site.


  • Expensive than other services.
  • Poor quality likes and followers.

10. Idigic

According to Idigic, they begin delivering likes within 2 minutes of ordering. That sounds super fast but also raises a concern about the quality of the likes. From our experience reviewing different service providers, we have noted a correlation between delivering within a few minutes and bot followers. After all, it’s impossible to grow an account organically within minutes. Our further research revealed that our fears are founded on the fact that the likes we received were fake.


  • Fast delivery of likes.
  • Offers lots of discounts.


  • Poor quality followers and engagement.

In Conclusion

We have listed our top 10 best websites to purchase Instagram followers and engagement. However, from our research and even buying from the different sites, only the first three sites sell genuine followers and engagement. The others deliver fake followers that may harm your account. Therefore, if you are searching for a good service provider, we recommend SocialGreg, SubscriberZ, or Mixx.

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