Winocm Is Set To Release iOS 7 / iOS 6 Dual Boot Tool For iPhone And iPad [VIDEO]

You may remember that not too long ago now we told you about Winocm and how he had managed to dual boot his iPad 2 with iOS 6 and iOS 5. In fact, he was so sure that people probably wouldn’t believe that he’d done it, he released a video on YouTube showcasing the feat. He even went so far as to release a further video showing that the same iPad 2 could also be forced to triple boot, with iOS 7 thrown into the mix. We’re not really sure that the word ‘impressive’ does any of that justice.

Winocm was rather quiet on the prospect of any of the inner workings of this particular brand of voodoo ever being made public, but now it seems that he will release the tool that he used to do the dual booting that he showed off in his first video. While iOS 7 support is not apparently there, we’re hearing that it will work, but with some bugs thrown in for good measure.

iOS 7 iOS 6

The revelation that the dual boot tool will actually be made public comes in a reply via Twitter, with one follower apparently excited about the prospect of getting in on the act. Various A5 devices such as the iPad 2 look like they’ll be getting brushed off in order to give this thing a try – ours included!


There are unfortunately precious few details about the whole thing though. Winocm has confirmed that neither iTunes nor Evasi0n are used and that none of the versions of iOS used are signed because he apparently ‘forgot’ to save his SHSH blobs. Hopefully the news that a proper tool for the dual booting shenanigans is on the way will see more details about how it works forthcoming, too.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground for some more concrete, tangible news about what Winocm has in store. At the moment, we’re left to just sit and wait. Hopefully not for too long, though.

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