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Renowned developer Winocm recently gave users hope that he would allow others to bear the fruits of his work on iOS dual and triple-booting. Today, he has released a tool-set enabling interested parties to try their hand at booting different firmware versions on the same device, although judging by the accompanying release notes, these utilities are probably reserved for those with at least some knowledge in hacking.

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You may remember that not too long ago now we told you about Winocm and how he had managed to dual boot his iPad 2 with iOS 6 and iOS 5. In fact, he was so sure that people probably wouldn’t believe that he’d done it, he released a video on YouTube showcasing the feat. He even went so far as to release a further video showing that the same iPad 2 could also be forced to triple boot, with iOS 7 thrown into the mix. We’re not really sure that the word ‘impressive’ does any of that justice.

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iOS hacker iH8sn0w has discovered a way to untether jailbreak devices powered by the Apple A5(X) processor for life, which includes the iPhone 4s, iPod touch 5, the iPad 2 / 3 and iPad mini. Details are relatively scarce at this moment regarding the iBoot exploit, although if the exploits were ever bound together and released in the form of a jailbreak utility, those in ownership of either device would be able to enjoy an potentially indefinite, untethered jailbreak.

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