Convert Your Apple Watch Box Into Edition-Like Charging Case [DIY Video]

Ever thought it was a tad bit unfair that the stainless steel Apple Watch comes in an Edition variant like box sans the in-box charging capabilities? Luckily, you don’t have to spend a whopping $10,000 just to get that exquisite looking box, as we have learned today. Here’s how you can convert your existing steel Apple Watch box into an Edition style charging case.

As 9to5Mac shows us, all it takes is a drill and some $10 worth of material to convert your regular Apple Watch plastic box into the one which comes with the gold cladded Edition variant. Obviously, this would leave your watch’s box looking like a million dollars if you do it right, but pretty meased up if you’re not sure about what you’re doing.

Apple Watch MagSafe main

You will start off by drilling a few holes on the underside of the box just where the Apple Watch sits. The guide details the drill bits that were put to use, and for what purpose. Since it’s the Apple Watch we’re talking about, there’s no compromise on a high quality finish you see, as you find yourself smoothing the holes drilled with a flat-head screw driver.

With the required holes drilled out, you will be slipping the charging cable through the box as you position the MagSafe head in place, and make sure it sits and fits in firmly with some adhesive foam strip. Of course, the charging cable running in from the back also has to be fixed in place using a white adhesive tape.

Now this would make for a wobbly box when it sits on your side table, which again, cannot be compromised on. To add the finishing touches, some felt pads were added to the bottom corners of the case to act as feet, giving the box some height to stand flush against the table top.

What about carrying that charger though? No need to drag it along or place loosely in the box which would probably scratch your watch. Using a velcro patch pasted on the charger and one on the inside of the box, the charger can now be held in place inside the box.

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