Concept Render Shows What Motorola’s Edge-to-Edge Bezel-Less Display May Look Like [IMAGE]

Two days ago we discussed a report from Bloomberg which claimed that Motorola’s next smartphone – to be announced on September 5th at a joint event with Verizon Wireless – would have one very distinctive design feature: an edge to edge, bezel-less display. Later in our post, we provided two pieces of evidence that strongly suggest that Bloomberg’s claim would turn out to be true.

Now, redditor Edalol has come with a slick render of what he thinks an near bezel-free Android powered smartphone. Check it out after the jump.

Edalol describes his render thusly:

I made a thin rim around it to avoid pressing the screen by mistake. And I added some more room at the top and bottom to make room for the speaker and to hold in landscape mode.

The top and bottom rim is made out of glass and has a notification LEDs that light up the whole glass.

A bezel-less display would make for a much more involving user experience. With no borders to take away visual attention, your phone becomes the app you’re using.


I love the whole concept of it, and wholly look forward to seeing the next era of touch-screen smartphones, after the thick, heavy phones before 2007, and the touch-screen (partially) dominated phones from 2007 to today.

One of the potential problems of a bezel-less display is the user’s palm interfering with touch input. To test if you’ll have such a problem, pick up your smartphone and hold it the way you usually do. Does any part of your palm touch the screen’s edges?

If you hold it the way I do (seen below), you won’t have any problems at all. No part of my palm is touching the display in portrait orientation, and only a fraction of my index finger is on the bezel in landscape.

Photo 9-4-12 12 29 54 AM

Photo 9-4-12 12 37 57 AM

Of course, palm rejection technology has been in use on laptop touch pads for a long time now, so Motorola and other manufacturers can incorporate that into their final design to solve this potential problem.

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