Colored Apple Watch Sport Bands All Have Different Weights

If you’re in the market for an Apple Watch, and have your eyes set on the trendy Sport model, then there’s something you might want to know. It seems that not all colored bands are created equally for Apple’s entry level wearable.

Madness, right?

You would imagine that the decision to opt for a specific colored band with the Apple Watch Sport would come purely down to an aesthetic choice; do I like pink, black, blue, white or green best? It appears not. According to the published data on Apple’s very own website, it seems that each colored band comes with a different weight, ranging from 37g to 51g.

Apple Watch Sport main

To be perfectly honest, it’s probably something that none of us have even considered. It’s more than likely that we all just assumed a simple color change wouldn’t affect any other aspect of the band and that all straps associated with the 38mm Sport models would weigh in the same and all bands belonging to the 42mm Sport models would offer up the same data. That may seem extremely obvious and almost a given, but it turns out it’s simply not the case at all. The process involved in changing the color of the band defines the final weight of the product as listed below:

  • Black band for 38mm Sport weighs in at 37g
  • Pink band for 38mm Sport weighs in at 42g
  • Green band for 38mm Sport weighs in at 43g
  • Blue band for 38mm Sport weighs in at 44g
  • White band for 38mm Sport weighs in at 47g

But what about the 42mm model? Well, there’s yet another range of difference:

  • Black band for 42mm Sport weighs in at 40g
  • Pink band for 42mm Sport weighs in at 46g
  • Green band for 42mm Sport weighs in at 48g
  • Blue band for 42mm Sport weighs in at 48g
  • White band for 42mm Sport weighs in at 51g

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 4.56.30 PM

There’s no official word from Apple regarding the actual part of the manufacturing process that would account for these differences, but according to some corners it could be down to the density of the pigmentation. The lighter colored bands require more pigment to be added to the process to be opaque, which is why the white band is the heaviest for the 38mm and 42mm Sport models. We aren’t exactly talking about huge numbers here – there’s only a 14g spread from lightest to heaviest – but it’s pretty cool to know there’s a difference in weight purely based on color.

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