CalypsoCase Rainbow For iPhone 5 Is A Superb Case For Those Looking For Luxury [REVIEW]

When it comes to purchasing a case for our treasured gadgets, we all tend to have different tastes. Some like to go as cheap as possible, others look for practicality, while others like to find something a tad more luxurious. If you’re of the notion that your smartphone deserves a taste of the finer things in life, you may want to consider the CalypsoCase Rainbow for iPhone 5 from CalypsoCrystal.

The first thing you notice about the CalypsoCase Rainbow, is that it’s like no other case you’ve ever seen. It’s chic, elegant, and to all intents and purposes, it’s a fashion accessory. But despite dazzling with a neat, chrome finish; it also does a fantastic job of protecting your beloved iPhone from the day-to-day scrapes and scuffs.

Like any premium product, it is to be handled with care. It arrived at my desk in a slick, red box akin to an item of jewelry, and enclosed was a personalized note expressing how only the finest cuts of Italian leather were picked to create the unique “finger-tickling” texture.



Having removed the aforementioned literature, I was left with the product. The shiny, mirror-like finish was certainly impressive, but even this was eclipsed by that beautiful smell of new, unspoiled leather. Whatever you purchase – be it a new wallet, shoes, a belt or watch – that new leather smell is quite unlike anything else. When that aroma hits the nostrils, you know from then on that you’ve bought a worthwhile, premium product, and one worthy as the last bastion of protection to you Apple smartphone. Take a look:


Slipping the iPhone 5 into the case, however, is a little bit of a job. Since the mechanism for holding the case in place is nothing more than good, old-fashioned friction, it does take a few days of struggling before the device begins to slide in and out of the case without effort. However, this minor caveat should not detract from the fact that the CalypsoCase is a wonder to behold.


Considering it’s designed by celebrated fashion designer Lara Bohinc, it was never going to be cheap, and if you want to set yourself apart from the rest with this most sumptuous of examples, it’s going to set you back €149.

Sure, it’s an expensive case, but on the same note, the iPhone 5 is an expensive device, and if you really want a case that makes a statement, you cannot go wrong with the CalypsoCase Rainbow. You can point your browser to if you want to add this beautiful case to your arsenal of iPhone-based protection.

RP Rating: 7/10

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