Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Launch Trailer Released [VIDEO]

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, or some other indeterminate, closed-off environment, you’ll no doubt be aware that Call Of Duty: Black Ops II is scheduled for release next month. In order to whet the appetite of the many millions of ardent CoD fans worldwide, developers Treyarch has released yet another trailer for its upcoming installment, which you can catch right after the jump!

Although Modern Warfare and Black Ops branches of Call of Duty aren’t monumentally dissimilar, they are classified as separate series, and as such, Black Ops II comes off the back of the fastest-selling console game in the history of the world. Evar.


This latest snippet, dubbed the "Launch Trailer" by Treyarch is fairly fast-paced, packing about as much action as possible into its one minute, one second duration. There’s plenty of cinematics, and with the backgrounded racket of AC / DC’s Back In Black, it’s actually a pretty exciting teaser.

Of course, such is the popularity of CoD, many have argued against the trend of Activision et al in simply churning out largely unchanged versions of the same title in the milking of the proverbial cash cow. To some degree, this is true, since if we compare CoD to, say, Halo, the amount of hours put into making Halo 4 a cut above its predecessors has been clear for all to see.

Still, plenty still see Call of Duty as the pinnacle of the warfare first-person slog, and given how it’s the most populous multiplayer on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, expect those hardcore campers to be sat outside the big gaming huts when the title officially launches on November 13th.

Pre-orders have, as you might expect, been open for quite a while now, and many key retail outlets have been plastered with billboards and offers attempting to coerce innocent shoppers into succumbing to Call of Duty.


Not too sure if the title will be able to eclipse the phenomenal success of Black Ops II, but having caught a glimpse of quite a few of the trailers hitherto, it does look as though Activision, Treyarch et al have put a little more effort into this one, and I’m looking forward to giving it the hands-on in a months’ time.

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