Bring Out The Kid In You With This $50 iPhone Controlled Stunt Car Racer [VIDEO]

Even though kids as young as three can now be spotted using iPads and whatnot to entertain themselves, this hasn’t always been the case for younger generation.

One upon a time, youngsters like to race remote control cars, a hobby which is seldom seen in this digital age. However, one particular firm looks to be trying to revive the magic of those speedy little four-wheelers – through none other than your iOS device.

You may remember iHelicopter – a nifty little RC chopper which was controlled by iOS. Having caught a glimpse of one in action at MyGreatFest, it did look a lot of fun.


Makers Keynote Shopping have stepped things up a gear now, though, with the Stunt Car Racer which utilizes your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a steering wheel. After attaching a relatively small dongle to your device, it pairs up with a free iOS app to transmit radio waves – communicating with your little motor from up to 20 meters away.  Since it supports up to three different frequency bands, you can make it a three-horse race, adding a competitive edge to what would otherwise be a novelty item.

It ships fully assembled, and a full hour charge allows 15 minutes of solid racing time. As you’d expect, it’s fairly basic, but at just $49.95 from the company’s site, it will certainly reignite those childhood racing dreams, whilst allowing a decent amount of stunt action. Check out the video below for the demo:

Most people like to revisit fond childhood memories from time-to-time, demonstrated by App Store and Android Market trends. Those old-school classics such as Time Crisis and Street Fighter continue to thrive, despite the gameplay and visuals of the modern-day eclipsing them many times over.iphone-controlled-stunt-car-racer-4-550x550


Consumers have plead for years to the likes of Nintendo to recognize the fact consumers are gaming more and more on their smartphones and tablets, and instead of producing handheld consoles, bring the likes of Mario and Goldeneye over to the mobile stores. The Japanese video games veteran posted big losses last month, and with the standalone gaming units becoming a dying relic across the market, it seems only a matter of time before it – along with Sony – makes it like SEGA and caves in to reality.


We’d go as far as to say that seeing Mario Kart arrive on iOS and Android would be one of the most talked-about releases since Apple first brought out the App Store in 2007 – kickstarting the current trends. Having lost an incredible $0.62 billion in the nine months leading up to December 2011, it seems only a matter of time.

(via 9to5Mac)

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