Are These iPhone 5 Screens Being Produced Over At Wintek? [PHOTOS]

While nothing can be verified, some leaked images have surfaced purported to be from within the Wintek touchscreen plant – the same place which has mass-produced the iPhone 4 screens over the last year-and-a-bit.

iPhone 5

It would be useful if those making such apparent revelations of sightings could get a little closer to the action. Without meaning to sound ungrateful, we are yet again left with blurry/distant but nonetheless intriguing images from which to dissect and gather as much info as we can.

Well, the designs are certainly in keeping with many of the rumors and various other leaks of the past couple of months. There is a gaping hole which correlates nicely with the reports of an elongated homescreen button, said to be accommodating a gesture-based system.

The screen looks to be marginally wider than the iPhone 4’s Retina Display, which has fallen behind many other smartphones on the market in terms of display measurements. With iOS 5 just one stop away from arrival, it makes perfect sense to add a little more space for its most advanced mobile operating system yet.

The workers appear to be checking or cleaning the touchscreens, and are wearing protective uniforms and masks to cover their faces due to poisons which can arise from the use of N-Hexane – one of the cleaning products of such components. It has even been said that Wintek are using video cameras to monitor the poisoned workers. Great, but seemingly far-fetched. Factories don’t tend to care about the human machine which keeps the cogs spinning, and one suspects that the poisoning issue is being used as a medium from which to leak images such as these. Maybe an outlandish statement – maybe, but probably not, though.

Before we get too carried away, this could quite easily be production for any of the many touchscreen smartphones on the market or due to be released in the near future. That said, it does look a lot like this iPhone 5 leak, which gives a more life-like impression of the Wintek snaps.

With the release imminent, Apple will be producing now to be ready for the September/October deadline. What are your thoughts, do you think this could be the iPhone 5? If so, are you happy with the changes such as the home button and larger screen? Leave your thoughts on the Facebook Page!

(Source MIC Gadget)

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