Apple’s New Privacy-Focused iPhone Ad Points Out The Downsides Of Over Sharing

Apple today published a new iPhone ad to YouTube with privacy very much the central focus. “Privacy. That’s iPhone. – Over Sharing” isn’t a long ad, but it runs for just long enough to get its point across.

The ad itself takes us through multiple scenes where people are sharing too much about their lives.

We see two people in an office environment shouting out their instant messaging conversation, upsetting a co-worker in the process. We also see a man jogging and telling members of the public exactly what his heart rate is. They’re all over-sharing. You get the idea.

Some things shouldn’t be shared. That’s why iPhone is designed to help give you control over your information and protect your privacy.

Apple has spent years cultivating the iPhone’s reputation as the best phone to have if you’re concerned about your privacy. It put billboards up during CES that reminded everyone that the iPhone would keep their secrets, and similar ads have been seen around Europe, too.

Apple is clearly thumbing its nose at Google and Android here, although it’s a matter for debate whether Android is as bad on privacy as Apple and iPhone users would like to think. We’d wager that the situation in the world of Android is much better than Apple believes.

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