Apple Working On New 27-Inch 5K Display, Releasing Later This Year

So the rumors around the iPhone 6 proved to be largely true and the device was finally revealed in its full glory this past Tuesday. However, that nowhere means we can sit and rest, since new reports have started surfacing about another upcoming Apple product that has a good cause for excitement; a new, ultra-high definition (UHD) 27-inch monitor with a resolution of an astounding 5120 x 2880 pixels! The interesting part: the product might be coming as soon as the end of this year.

The report comes courtesy of LCD market research firm WitsView, and whilst doesn’t substantiate that the Cupertino company will actually do something like this for sure, it’s based around component research and has solid footing overall. WitsView believes that:

Apple will release 27-inch 5K3K high-resolution iMac models by the end of the fourth quarter of 2014, WitsView said, adding that the new iMacs along with other Ultra HD monitors are expected to spur a new wave of demand for Ultra HD monitors in the market.

Thunderbolt display

Should the Cupertino tech firm decide to go this route, this will be a significant jump up from the current Thunderbolt displays that feature a resolution of 2560 x 1440, and can excite an entirely new section of the market.

The challenge that remains here, however, is seeing how Apple will mange to power this behemoth display. You see, with the current DisplayPort 1.2 standard that Apple has employed in Thunderbolt 2.0 ports, the maximum you can get is powering up a display of 4096 x 2160. With 5K, that can be a challenge, so it’s likely that Apple would launch a display that features a “Cinema 4K” resolution, and take advantage of the very high data transfer rate that Thunderbolt 2.0 can afford.

Apple display

WitsView also claimed that in the coming months, a lot of panel makers will continue to make Ultra HD displays in varying sizes in order to cater to different segments of the market. It’s also interesting to note that 28-inch UHD monitors retailed at an average of $630 during the month of August, giving us a hint into what Apple’s 27-inch offering can cost, if it does come to be.

On a final note, we should also remember that Apple’s (unofficial) report comes after Dell has announced a 5K display of its own, with a resolution equal to what Apple is rumored to be working with. Hence, it won’t be the first of its kind, and I am pretty sure it won’t be the last, either.

(via: DigiTimes)

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