Apple Vs. Microsoft: The History Of Computing [INFOGRAPHIC]

In what is quite possibly the largest infographic we’ve ever witnessed, Manolution has chronicled the various peaks and troughs of the Apple Vs. Microsoft war that has raged for the best part of 30 years.

Standing an astonishing 10,124 pixels tall, the infographic covers the life of both Apple and Microsoft ever since the infamous 1984 ad campaign Apple launched to promote its brand-spanking new Macintosh computer.

Since then, Microsoft has become the mammoth company it is today by cornering the business computing market with the Windows operating system and Office suite of applications. The boys from Redmond have since branched out into all kinds of areas of technology with the Xbox 360 games console, Windows Mobile/Windows Phone 7 mobile OS and Zune music store being just a few of the areas Microsoft has branched into.

Of course Apple hasn’t exactly stood still either.

After almost folding in the mid 1990s, Apple has been almost phoenix-like in its rise from the ashes of its former self. Now one of the major players in mobile technology, thanks to the iPhone and iPad, Apple has also revolutionized the music industry with its iTunes music store – a store that arguably saved the music industry from both itself and a crippling piracy problem.

So below is the image in all its glory – make sure you are ready with a cup of coffee. It’s not a short read by any means, but one that we’re sure you’ll agree is worth the effort.


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