Apple Now Makes A Black Lightning Cable But It’ll Cost You $5000, Sort Of

Rejoice, for Apple now finally makes a black Lightning cable. Don’t get too excited, though, because it costs $5000 to get it.

No, this is not the infamous Apple Tax at play, but rather the fact that Apple’s first black Lightning cable is actually included in the box with its recently announced iMac Pro but, unfortunately, that is the only way you are going to get your hands on it. Right now, at least, Apple is not making the black Lightning cable available for non-iMac Pro owners.

This is, of course, a crying shame, but while Apple may not be offering a black Lightning cable, there are plenty of third-party alternatives to choose from across the usual online sources including eBay and Amazon, but if you like your cables official and your colors to match, you remain out of luck. We would, of course, love to be able to get a black Lightning cable from Apple to charge that Jet Black iPhone 7, but alas, Apple thinks it knows better.

The new black cable included in the iMac Pro’s box will charge the Magic Keyboard, Mouse and Trackpad as well as any iPhone or iPad that also has a Lightning port attached to it. With so many color variations of iOS devices in particular, it is almost criminal that Apple does not cater to people who want cables and accessories to match – the AirPods are another accessory that we would love to see in other colors. Imagine (PRODUCT)RED AirPods and tell us you wouldn’t line up all night to get your hands on a pair!

We know we certainly would!

If you really must have an Apple Lightning cable in black, you’re going to have to buy one for $5000. At least it’ll come with a free iMac Pro, though.

(Top photo via: MKBHD [YouTube])

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