Apple Fanatics Respond To Samsung’s Ad With ‘The Next Crappy Thing Is Already Here’ [VIDEO]

Everyone must know by now that Apple and Samsung just don’t get along very well. In fact, it’s safe to say that the two warring technology giants have never been on worse terms than they are today, what with the $1 billion dollar court case and all.

As is Samsung’s way, the Koreans fanned the flames of fanboyism by releasing an ad for the recently huge Galaxy S III Android phone by taking pop shots at the Apple faithful. Just as it has in the past, Samsung unleashed an ad that makes fun of people queuing up outside an Apple Store, all excited before picking up their shiny new iPhone 5 handsets.

Galaxy Ad

Not the kind of people to sit back and take it though, the Apple faithful has collectively rallied around its smartphone of choice by creating a counter-ad of sorts, one in which Samsung does not come out quite so well as it does in its own ad.

The premise is the same as always. An iPhone is about to launch, and there are hundreds of eager punters all lined up waiting for the release of an iPhone. Cue Samsung mocking them in various ways whilst also doing its best to show that the Galaxy S III is in fact the smartphone they should be buying.

Galaxy S III ad iPhone 5

If you get past the fact that Samsung probably wishes it could garner the same attention as Apple’s iPhone, the ads come across as awesome or cheesy depending on which side of the camp you come from. This Apple-sided response is just the same, and in our opinion just serves to heighten a technology battle that shouldn’t be waging in the first place. Still, fanboys are fanboys, right?

The iPhone 5 goes on sale in just a matter of hours from now, and has already been pre-ordered in huge quantities across all markets it has been made available in. There is little doubt Apple has another winner on its hands here, regardless of what Samsung might think!

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled across launch day, so keep it here for all the news following the release of the iPhone 5.

Thanks, Theo for the hat tip!

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