Apple’s $29 Battery Replacement Offer Is One-Time Only If It Passes Diagnostic Test

Apple’s offer to replace iPhone 6 and newer batteries for a reduced price of $29 is one that was already a well-received gesture, but when it was confirmed that the offer was also good whether or not the existing battery passed Apple’s health checks or not, it became clear that anyone wanting to extend the life of their existing iPhone could do exactly that for relatively little money.

However, it now appears that anyone getting a new battery as part of the deal will only be able to do so once, unless their new battery is found to be sub-par the next time a replacement is requested.

According to a new report by MacRumors, fine print has been added to Apple’s battery offer which means that while initial battery replacements will not be refused at the new $29 asking price for the remainder of the year, anyone wishing for a second battery replacement in the same year will need their battery to fail Apple’s unspecified health checks in order to qualify for the price reduction. That said, if the battery passes, a replacement battery can still be bought, but as you may have already guessed, at the normal $79 asking price.

While we do not know what constitutes a pass or a fail during Apple’s battery checks, the company does say that it expects a battery to be capable of retaining up to 80% of its original capacity at 500 complete charge cycles. Based on that, the assumption is that Apple will be checking for something along those lines when carrying out its health checks.

Apple reduced the price of a replacement battery for the entirety of 2018 following a backlash thanks to its throttling of iPhones with poor batteries. We’ve outlined how to go about getting the ball rolling for your own replacement battery if you so wish.

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