Android’s SwiftKey Keyboard Is Coming To The iPhone [Photo]

The magic of the famed SwiftKey Keyboard could be about to make its way to Apple’s iOS via a standalone note-taking app, if a leak via the Twitter handle Evleaks is to be believed. Renowned on Android for its speedy, intuitive nature and, in particular, its “Flow” feature, it’s something that iOS users haven’t been able to enjoy thanks to the Cupertino’s stingy rules on accessing core features, but with a standalone app, at least those on iOS could get a taster of SwiftKey’s advanced set of tools.

The app is said to be named SwiftKey Note, and although it would probably serve as more of an extreme teaser for those who’ve been waiting anxiously for such a keyboard as SwiftKey to venture over to the App Store, it will give those iOS users who haven’t ever used anything but the stock keyboard something of a taster of what they’ve been missing.

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Every day, I use both the iPhone 5s and HTC One as my daily runners, and I like both for different reasons. But I do find myself leaning more towards Android, and while it doesn’t have Touch ID, crashes a little more than I would like, and doesn’t quite feel as seamless at times, the fact that I can use the SwiftKey Keyboard is a massive deal-maker. I honestly never had too much of an issue with the stock iOS keyboard, but having tried a couple of rather solid keyboards before arriving at SwiftKey, it’s fair to say that the difference between it and the native Apple keyboard is, with no exaggeration, night and day.


Without allowing my inner-geek to present itself too blatantly, SwiftKey on iOS would be something of a dream come true, but since Apple’s closed off stance means that developers cannot get into the guts of the software, this is not likely to happen any time soon.

Tim Cook hasn’t ruled out the possibility of Apple relaxing its policies in future provided that it doesn’t compromise the user experience, so as we wait to see if SwiftKey Note does hit the iTunes App Store, all is not yet lost.

Keep in mind, this isn’t the first time a custom keyboard app would be hitting the App Store. It was just a few days back we saw Hipjot for iPhone which features a blistering fast keyboard for typing. But still, we’d prefer keep SwiftKey in our golden books.

Would you appreciate a note-taker with SwiftKey’s features for iOS?

(Source: Evleaks [Twitter])

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