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Last week, we brought you the news that SwiftKey was sort of coming to iOS in the form of a note-taking app, and today, it’s officially available to download. Because of Apple’s stingy API, developers of core apps like SwiftKey Keyboard cannot get into the guts of iOS and deliver a true replacement key-tapping experience, but for those seeking a more efficient way to make notes on their iOS device, SwiftKey Note can now be grabbed from the iOS App Store. Details after the break!

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The magic of the famed SwiftKey Keyboard could be about to make its way to Apple’s iOS via a standalone note-taking app, if a leak via the Twitter handle Evleaks is to be believed. Renowned on Android for its speedy, intuitive nature and, in particular, its “Flow” feature, it’s something that iOS users haven’t been able to enjoy thanks to the Cupertino’s stingy rules on accessing core features, but with a standalone app, at least those on iOS could get a taster of SwiftKey’s advanced set of tools.

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