A Replacement Galaxy Note 7 Unit Has Exploded On A Southwest Airlines Flight

When things aren’t quite going according to plan, sometimes there’s not a lot you can do other than hold your hands up and take what’s coming to you. The problem Samsung is facing right now though is that it already did that when it recalled each and every Galaxy Note 7 that it had sold due to phone catching fire and exploding because of faulty battery.

Where do you go when things somehow manage to go even further downhill? When the fix you put in place for the initial disaster goes awry?

note 7 southwest

That’s the exact problem Samsung now faces after the news broke that one of its Galaxy Note 7 caused a fire on a Southwest Airlines airplane, resulting in the crew and passengers having to be evacuated. While that would normally be bad news, what makes this a real catastrophe for Samsung is that the Galaxy Note 7 in question wasn’t an original shipping handset. It was one that had been shipped out as a replacement phone. A handset that was supposed to be good to go. One that shouldn’t be causing fires.

But a fire it did indeed cause. And now all bets are off.

Initially it was believed that the phone in question was indeed one of the original batch, but after The Verge got hold of the handset’s owner, a photograph of the box in which it was sold confirmed that it was part of the second wave of fixed devices as denoted by the black square icon on the box’s label. Someone inside Samsung is going to be very, very worried right now.

Note 7 sticker

Speaking to publication, Brian Green said that he noticed a “thick grey-green angry smoke” coming from the phone before it set about burning the cabin’s carpet.

The phone is now in the hands of the local fire department and we have little doubt Samsung will also want to have a look at it. As for Mr Green, he says he’s already replaced the handset with what could possibly be the worst part of the whole story for Samsung; an iPhone 7.

As far as public relations are concerned, things don’t get much worse. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

(source: The Verge)

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