A Future Tesla Update Could Let You See Camera Feeds Remotely

Tesla is putting a ton of resources into making its cars more capable when they’re driving themselves, but a future update looks set to add a feature that’s designed for when the car isn’t moving at all.

No, it isn’t another game – this time, it looks like it could be something that’s actually useful.

According to a new report, Tesla is getting ready to add a feature that will allow users to remotely view what their car’s cameras are able to see.

Sentry mode is something that already exists, but users can only see what the car sees via an external storage device and a computer. That’s potentially going to change. In the future, Sentry Mode could be part of the Tesla app on your phone.

Typically, to view the footage recorded by Sentry Mode or TeslaCam required the owners to an external storage device and then view the footage on a computer. A hacker known as “green” discovered inside an older software update that Tesla appears to be working on a remote livestream feature. The feature would apparently allow owners to view live footage using the Tesla app.

That would undoubtedly be a popular feature and one that CEO Elon Musk would likely tweet up a storm about. As ever, the future could be bright if you’re a Tesla owner although it’s likely it might involve buying a new car – we wouldn’t put it past Tesla to make this some sort of paid upgrade at the very least.

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