4 Great Paid iOS Apps Are Now Available To Download For FREE, Get Them From Here

The App Store is great and all, and while we’re happy to pay for good apps, you just can’t beat the excellent price of FREE. That’s why many developers take their paid-for apps and drop their price to absolutely nothing for a short time – it creates buzz and with a bit of luck, gets them to the top of the App Store charts. Then they just need that popularity to carry over once the price returns to normal. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

No matter how well that all turns out for the developer, we’re definitely the winners in this little game, because we get to download awesome apps for nothing. What’s not to like about that deal?

Today we’ve come across a handful of iOS apps that have tried the ol’ paid-to-free switcharoo, and we thought you might like a look-see. Remember, they’re worth downloading now even if you might not use it, because once you’ve downloaded it, it’s yours to re-download again whenever you want for free, even after the price has gone back up!

So, let’s get started.

Inky Mail ($9.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)

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Since Apple started allowing third-party email clients onto the App Store, there has been no shortage of developers trying their arm at putting together an app capable of replacing the stock option. Inky Mail may do just that, because it’s gorgeous and has some funky features to boot. On-device email sorting, quick replies and more make this a bargain app, especially considering its original price is $9.99.

Download it on iTunes here.

MiniatureCam- Tiltshift Generator HD (0.99 – FREE / iPad)


You know that cool tiltshifting effect that people like so much when taking photos and uploading them to Instagram? You know, the one that blurs the background to draw attention to the topic of the image? Well wouldn’t it be cool to do that to video too? Why yes, yes it would. It normally costs a dollar. Now it’s free. Download it.

Download it on iTunes here.

ColorSay ($2.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)

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Normally $2.99, ColorSay takes images and turns the colors into sounds. Perfect for those partially sighted or simply color blind, ColorSay will read out what colors make up an image. It may not sound particularly useful to some, but if you fit the use case, this is well worth downloading for free.

Download it on iTunes here.

Equalizer Pro ($0.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad)


The last of our apps and usually priced at $0.99, Equalizer Pro is a replacement for the stock iOS Music app. Why would you do that, you ask? Because Equalizer Pro has a ton of equalizer presets, and the stock Music app has none. It’s as simple as that.

Download it on iTunes here.

So, you’ve downloaded them all, right?

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