12.9-inch iPad To Reportedly Feature A 4K Display

The iPad mini with Retina display was announced alongside the vastly revamped iPad Air, but while the reception to each new Apple slate has been one of general positivity, the talk of a larger iPad with 12.9-inch display has not slowed down one bit. It has been reported that there could be two different configurations of the bigger iPad, and a theory as to the reason behind this – as revealed by PadNews – is that one of the displays would be of a standard 2K variety, while the other, higher-end model would boast a 4K panel.

Talk of 4K displays has been rife in general in recent times, with all kinds of devices and machines showing support of this higher definition standard. But while both the next-gen consoles offer 4K Ultra HD support to varying degrees, the new-found general interest from the consumer electronics industry doesn’t necessarily suggest that Apple is ready to take the plunge. The company is famous for going against the grain, and with LTE having only arrived last year, the Cupertino outfit won’t feel any pressure to conform.

iPad Air keyboard case

With that said, when it comes to display technology, Apple has been among the first to grasp the nettle, and you only have to look at its array of iOS devices and MacBooks to know that sharp displays are a top priority of Tim Cook’s men.

In bumping up the size of the iPad to 12.9-inches – as a growing number of reports are suggesting – Apple will have to up the resolution somewhat to maintain that arbitrary Retina standard, so the suggestion of a 4K display isn’t completely preposterous. If there are to be two different variations of the augmented iPad, we’d expect that the second, 2K model would arrive with an iPad Air-like resolution of 2048 x 1536 or similar.

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Whether there’s a great deal of truth in these reports or not remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – a 12.9-inch iPad with a 4K display would look superb. At around 400 pixels per inch, it would smoke anything else found on a mobile device, and with Apple’s iOS 7 already receiving the plaudits for its slick, crisp design, one can only imagine what it would look like at that kind of resolution.

(Source: PadNews [Google Translate])

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