100 Best Free Jailbreak Tweaks For iOS 9.3.3 [Video]

Now that the Pangu Team’s jailbreak is out and gaining traction for those running a compatible 64-bit iOS 9.3.3 device, it’s pretty much time for users to start downloading and installing the tweaks that will help them customize their devices to whichever way they like.

Pangu Team has done a great job of getting the jailbreak to a stable state, so to that end we’re going to present you with the best free tweaks that offer iOS 9.3.3 compatibility and that give you an excellent reason to liberate your device.


The number of tweaks that are currently compatible with iOS 9.2 through till iOS 9.3.3 has sky rocketed over the last few days, so if anyone had any concern that the jailbreak scene was slowly dying, things are far from that.

As also shown in the video by YouTuber iTwe4kz, the top free jailbreak tweaks that are a must check out on your jailbroken device are all listed below. We recommend checking out the video below to get yourself up to speed with what these listed tweaks/apps exactly have to offer for your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device. So without further delay, here they are!

  • 20 Second Lockscreen
  • 3DNoLag
  • DeleteForever
  • Alkaline
  • AlwaysMore For Spotlight
  • Appendix
  • Apple File Conduit “2”
  • Cuttlefish
  • Bars
  • BerryC8
  • BetterFiveColumnHomescreen
  • BetterFiveIconDock
  • Bloard
  • BlurryBadges
  • Cream
  • BreadcrumbsAway
  • Browser Changer
  • BytaFont 3
  • CCDeseparator
  • CCColor
  • CCloader
  • CCMeters
  • CCircle
  • CircleIcons
  • CCBackground
  • Cylinder
  • DetailedBatteryUsage
  • Ethos
  • FaceDown
  • CCSettings
  • FlatSafariURL
  • GlowBadge
  • Goodges
  • GrabberApp8
  • HotDog
  • IconBounce
  • Incognito Messages
  • Instabetter
  • Activator
  • LockGlyph
  • MTerminal
  • Messages Customiser
  • MinimalHUD
  • Mobius
  • SpotlightBeGone
  • MultiIconMover
  • NCReveal9
  • NCIfNeeded
  • NoAppStoreRedirect
  • PM, Really?
  • PhoneAppNoFav
  • RePower
  • PowerTap
  • PriorityHUB
  • PullToRespring
  • SafariTabCount
  • SafariCloseAllTabs
  • SmoothCursor
  • Speed Intensifier
  • RomanPasscode
  • SendDelay
  • StatusBarColor
  • StatusBarTimer
  • StatusModifier
  • ReturnToSender
  • RoundDock
  • SwipeSelection
  • SwipeForMore
  • Tactful
  • VintageSwitcher
  • Zeppelin
  • Folder6Plus
  • FullFolder9
  • IconArt
  • AppColorClose
  • Floater
  • FlashRing
  • IconRenamer
  • NCColor
  • Tintch
  • Record ‘n Torch
  • TapTapFlip
  • Wink
  • TransparentDock
  • Unlock Sound
  • BottomBar
  • Cask
  • SwipyFolders
  • iCleaner
  • SafariRefresh
  • SpinSettings
  • KeyboardVibrate8
  • Harbor

Besides the stock repositories, some of those tweaks require the addition of new repositories within Cydia to be able to access and download the packages. The required additional repositories for a few of the mentions tweaks are listed below:

  • repo.cpdigitaldarkroom.com
  • rpetri.ch/repo
  • skyfrost.github.io/repo
  • repo.tylercasson.com
  • repo.fortysixandtwo.com

The video may present a large number of reasons to actually jailbreak a device, but as always it is worth remembering that when it comes to randomly installing tweaks onto a device, it’s a good practice to use some caution. Each of these options have been shown to work with iOS 9.3.3, but not all of them will automatically offer compatibility with each other. Keep that in mind when installing packages that do similar things.

(Source: iTwe4kz [YouTube])

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