10 Last-Minute Tech Gifts Under $50 [2015 Holiday Gift Guide]

And by last-minute, we really mean it. As Christmas is very much open, it’s possible that you have a gift or two left to buy for your loved ones. We’ve been in the same position, and it’s never easy to come up with the perfect gift. In fact, doing so when you’ve got plenty of time on your hands is difficult enough, but factor in the truncated timescale and things are almost impossible.

But its OK! We’ve got your back!

Here we have ten last-minute gift ideas that won’t break the bank, with all coming in a tender $50 at the the checkout. So what are you waiting for?


Milanese Loop clone for Apple Watch ($29.99)

milanese loop clone band

The Apple Watch is great; we wear ours every day, but there is no defending some of the prices involved when looking to buy replacement bands for the thing. Apple’s prices are astronomical, no matter which way you slice it. There are plenty of third-party clones to be found, though, with this Milanese Loop clone band one of the better ones. You can’t argue with the price, either.

Buy: Milanese Loop clone band from Amazon: $29.99 | Original Price: $149.99

USB Flash Drive with Digital Voice Recorder ($22.90)


Anyone from parents looking for gifts for their young kids to budding journalists will enjoy this 8GB voice recorder and flash drive in one. 8GB may not be huge, but it’s big enough for moving files around – including voice recordings!

Buy: USB Digital Voice Recorder from Amazon: $22.90 | Original Price: $49.95

Amazon Fire TV Stick ($39.99)


All the attention in the set-top box space might be on Apple right now, but Amazon has its own kit on the market – the cheapest of which is the Fire TV Stick. An HDMI dongle that turns any TV into a smart TV, anyone wanting to watch Netflix etc. on their TV can do so for not a lot of money. Oh and you can also add AirPlay to it, just like Apple TV. Want to install Kodi on it? No problem!

Buy: Amazon Fire TV Stick: $39.99

Bluetooth Beanie Hat ($37.99)


If keeping your head warm while still listening to music or a podcast sounds like heaven to you, then this beanie hat with built-in earphones will be a great bet, even better, if it gets you out of the gift-buying-jam that you’re likely in.

Buy: Bluetooth Beanie Hat from Amazon: $37.99 | Original Price: 39.99$

Spigen iPhone 6s 3100mAh Volt Pack Battery Case ($35.99)


Apple may have its own battery case on the market now, but it’s considerably more expensive than the Volt Pack case, and it’s certainly more ugly to look at. At 3100mAh battery capacity, it can give you double the time of Apple’s official offering. Check this out if your iPhone’s battery just isn’t quite big enough for your day.

Buy: Spigen iPhone 6s Battery Case from Amazon: $35.99 | Original Price: $99.99

Amazon Fire Tablet ($49.99)


You can’t go wrong with a $50 Amazon Fire tablet, which is running forked version of Android called Fire OS. Yes it’s only 7-inches big and no, it’s specs sheet isn’t going to have the iPad Pro worried any time soon, but at that price? Buy one for every room in the house, we say.

Buy: Amazon Fire Tablet: $49.99

iHome Control Smart Plug with Apple HomeKit and Android support ($36.26)


With support for Apple’s HomeKit technology, controlling electrical appliances using nothing more than your iPhone and Siri is within reach, and it’s surprisingly cheap, too. Bonus: It supports Android as well!

Buy: iHome Control Smart Plug from Amazon: $36.72 | Original Price: $39.99

World’s Smallest Camera Drone – The Cheerson CX-10C Mini Quadcopter ($25.68)


Not all drones have to be huge and expensive. Super small and costing less than $30, the Cheerson CX-10C is a bargain, and the world’s smallest drone has a built-in camera too!

Buy: Cheerson CX-10C Mini Quadcopter from Amazon: $25.68

Anker 20,100 mAh USB Battery Pack (39.89)


You can never have enough juice at your fingertips for your smartphone and tablet, and with Anker, you have a name you can trust. With enough power to keep a small village running for a week, this battery pack is the business.

Buy: Anker 20,100 mAh USB Battery Pack from Amazon: $39.89 | Original Price: $99.99

VicTsing Waterproof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker ($19.99)


Want to take your tunes into the shower with you or perhaps while you’re at an outdoor event where it’s likely to get wet? This $20 Bluetooth speaker should have you covered.

Buy: VicTsing Waterproof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker from Amazon: $19.99 | Original Price: $79.99

Those ten options should have enough scope to suit most of the people reading this site and while your mother may not want a camera-equipped mini-drone for Christmas, that USB battery pack may just hit the spot. We’re sure there’s something in here for everyone. Good luck and have a great Christmas!

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