YouTubers Coat Apple Watch Series 4 In 24-Karat Gold [Video]

Apple doesn’t offer its gold Apple Watch Edition anymore, but that just meant that YouTubers Casey Neistat and JerryRigEverything’s Zack Nelson were able to create their own. The result was an Apple Watch Series 4 coated in 24-karat gold.

As you might imagine, this isn’t something that you would expect to be able to do yourself. It involves first dipping the watch in an electro-cleaning solution and then dipping it into acid to complete the job. Then there’s another preparation step before finally placing the whole watch in a gold-plating solution.

None of that is something we recommend anyone actually try, but these guys obviously aren’t the kind to not do anything because it’s difficult. The result is, of course, an Apple Watch Series 4 that is gold plated, and it looks good. We’re not huge fans of gold watches anyway, so this wouldn’t be something we’d wear. But if a gold Apple Watch is something you wish was still on the market, no matter the price, this is one option ahead of you.

Be sure to check the full video out for all the fun. This isn’t the first time Neistat has taken an Apple Watch and customized it, and it’s probably not going to be the last, either.

For everyone else, Apple still offers the Apple Watch Series 4 in both stainless steel and aluminum and some are even gold-coloured, too. We’d suggest sticking to one of those. It’ll cost you much less and you won’t risk messing up your expensive smartwatch.

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