You Can Now Install Apps Straight To Your iPhone And iPad From Ads In Facebook’s iOS App

Facebook has announced some big changes to mobile ads via a post on its its Developer Blog. The social network, which has made no secret of its desire to monetize the mobile market, has enlisted a sleuth of new options to both developers and users with regards to how advertisements interact with the audience. Those using Facebook for iOS 6 will be able to install apps straight from ads within the official app, and thanks to deep Facebook integration on the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile OS, users won’t even need to leave the app.

No longer will users need to leave what they are doing to jump to the App Store app in order to install something, as is traditionally the case, because the new changes will allow them to download straight from the Facebook app. A small dialog box will appear, offering important information such as changelog, screenshots, and ratings, and all a user would need to do after that, is hit the Install button.

By doing this, the ads don’t just wave the idea of an app in front of a user, but give a direct, convenient, and discrete installation method. As described in the blog post:

Facebook 5.0 iOS

Now, people on iOS 6 can install an app without leaving their Facebook experience. When they click on an ad, the App Store will appear in another dialog box. After installing the app, they will be able to continue where they left off on Facebook.


Facebook plans to bring similar functionality to Android, and advertisers will certainly have a field day with the new changes. Those advertising their products through Facebook will have the ability to customize ads straight from the app dashboard, or power editor, or the ads API, as well as check out demographic information of those installing apps by region, age, gender, and so on. By gathering such accurate info on installers of an app, advertisers can better refine their strategies, and should the intended audience not be being reached, adjust accordingly.

Advertising is certainly hitting new heights on Facebook, and the amount of information it collates from users makes it the perfect breeding ground for these new functions.

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