You Can Buy A 3D Printed iPhone 6 Dummy Model Right Now

Apple’s iPhone 6, although unannounced, has been leaked ad nauseam during the past couple of weeks in the form of photos and mock-up dummies, with eager fans 3D printing models  the latest specifications in order to try and get a feel for what’s in store. But if you don’t happen to own a 3D printer, or don’t know anybody who’ll let you use theirs, then you can go out and buy your very own iPhone 6 model right now. Designed by Martin Hajek, it’s as accurate a representation of the device as we have based upon the most recent info, and for the cost of around fifty bucks, you could be the proud owner of one plastic, non-working iPhone 6.

It’s all very well seeing the videos and images of the alleged device, but in all honesty, you can only really pass judgments on the revised form factor once you’ve held it in your hands, and even though it’s not guaranteed that the larger, curved finish is indicative of what Apple has been designing at its Cupertino headquarters, the fact that so many independent leaks have seemingly corroborated each other does suggest that what we see here is what we will be seeing come August / September.

iPhone 6 3d model

For those of you looking to get your paws on the dummy, Hajek offers two different finishes – a “polished strong & flexible plastic” option in white, and a “strong & flexible plastic” option in black and white; sans the polish. The polished option is described as “smooth,” compared with the “grainy” feel of the unrefined model, and as such, is slightly more expensive than the white version minus the added layer.



In fact, for the privilege of owning a dummy of a device that has yet to even be confirmed, you’re going to be paying quite a bit. The polished version will set you back €27.98, while the cheapest option – the non-polished white model – costs €25.80. If you want the black version, which, to reiterate, isn’t polished, you’re going to have to pony up €32.15, but cost may well be reflective of the demand.



You can pick up your model right now from Shapeways, but the question is, how badly do you want to hold the “iPhone 6” in your hand?

You can grab the iPhone 6 3D model from here.

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