Yahoo!’s New Anthem Ad – Its ‘You’, ‘You’ and only ‘You’

Following in the footsteps of Microsoft and Apple, Yahoo! today has launched its new advertising campaign, promoting “Yahoo!” as a brand through its new US $100 million dollar “Anthem” ad campaign. The new ad which is of a minute in duration covers people from all over the world, giving nice glimpses of their lifestyles, cultures and emphasizes on the word “You” a lot. For more than 75% of the time, you’ll hear the the word “You”. The message which Yahoo! is trying to give to everyone is very clear that it is “You” who is important to Yahoo!. Video is very dynamic, vibrant and certainly full of energy. It is so attractive and eye catching that ‘You’ who is so important to Yahoo cannot just wink away.

Yahoo! logo

Certainly a good start by Yahoo! About time they start doing something about their brand. Thanks to Joe Wilcox for the hat tip via twitter!